High jinx, hilarity and

heartbreak abound in Dinah Manoff’s romp through the perilous chase for fame in Hollywood. A comic-tragedy among the glitterati as told by a true insider.”

Mary Guterson

This is a joyful ride

of a read! Funny, irreverent, original and poignant. You’ll miss Jackie when you’ve finished the book.”

Susie Essman

A brilliant rewinding

of a life of Hollywood glitz, grit, gluttony and nose jobs and a good, old-fashioned story of rags to riches and hags to bitches and the paparazzi to cause and capture it all. Brava, Dinah!”

Jamie Lee Curtis

Can this lovely lady

write? Oh, my heavens! Oh yes, she can! I loved my experience traveling with her—laughing and crying and remembering and to identify—to be part of the full experience is nothing short of stunning! A brilliant first start on a journey of a literary future to lead us through wherever she is going, I will always follow.”

Brenda Vaccaro

The explosive opening

captivates the reader immediately! The story of Jackie Gold is unique, intriguing, and fun-filled! Dinah’s creativity never ceases to amaze me. Her descriptions are so vivid that I could feel each location and time period as if I had traveled there. There must be a sequel!”

Kristy McNichol

Dinah Manoff’s first novel

is not just a fun romp through the glitzy, decadent, dysfunctional world of glamorous stardom, it is much more. It tells the story of a girl who has suffered terrible maternal neglect only to find herself experiencing adulation and attention that feels unearned and unsatisfying. Through the twists and turns of the story, we get to see Jackie in all her hilarious, indulgent brattiness. The ending is the perfect combination of bad Karma and sweet redemption. I enjoyed it thoroughly.”

Brooke Adams

The Real True Hollywood

Story of Jackie Gold is an emotional roller coaster of a debut; at turns tense, funny, and heartbreaking.”

Jonathan Evison

Dinah Manoff has such

an original voice in this exceptional debut novel about Jackie Gold, a Hollywood survivor who will win your heart.

Her writing is full of wit, laugh-out-loud humor, and surprising, heartfelt moments. Let’s put it this way. She made me laugh, she made me laugh, she made me cry and cry again.

A real page-turner in the best way. I couldn’t put it down.”

Melanie Mayron

Manoff’s novel is an

epic tale that truly lives up to its name. A 360-degree view of Hollywood that only an insider could tell, ‘Jackie’ is pure gold, a raucous, biting look at the compilations of family, love and fame in an industry that, to paraphrase the author, will gladly eat its young for the price of cheese. The Real True Hollywood Story of Jackie Gold is a delicious story to savor one page at a time.”

Warren Read

The very REAL insider look

into the ultra-private lives of two hot Hollywood stars. A deep dive into ambition, abandonment, addiction, and sex (lots of it).

A wild coming of age story through the mind and heart of a child of the industry with a keen eye and a wicked sense of humor!

Dinah, my old Pink Lady pal, has created a vivid, sexy portrait of the private doings and undoings of a rich and famous movie star who, through a tragic event, finds grace, happiness and her true self.”

Didi Conn

The Real True Hollywood

Story of Jackie Gold is pure gold. A fascinating glimpse behind the scenes into a world where people expose themselves as they truly are when they think no one is looking (or able to understand). Dinah Manoff has skillfully woven a fascinating twisting tale of fame, friendship, family, betrayal all set against the juicy veneer of celebrity. Jackie Gold’s comatose journey of self-discovery is dazzling and funny from page one and so addictive I couldn’t put it down.”

Lynn Brunelle

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